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BMW 8 series cars. I've always loved the look of the 8 and they really are lovely cars to drive. I think this is a car that will do well in the next few years. Like the Porsche 928, good ones have become difficult to come by and repairs can be costly, but, oh what a wonderful Grand Tourer ! I would suggest a nice 840 over its 12 cylinder cousin as, they do seem to have fewer reliability issues.

A very interesting Cobra. Built by AC Motorcars ltd Surrey, England in 1994 for the 1995 Detroit Auto Show. This very car was the stand car for AC. Built using the original bucks, tools and dies from the original cars. All aluminum bodywork. The car has 699 original miles from new. This is very special car. ask $235,000

One nice Corvette! A loooong story with this one but, one of the nicest cars that we've ever consigned. 1960 Corvette, 283 duel quad, 4 speed that was beautifully restored. The car now lives in Main.... can you imagine.... fall weather, leaves turning, a nice easy ribbon of tarmac......and a great old Corvette.....nice......

Road trip !! last year I found myself headed North bound on hwy 1 leaving Northern California and headed onto Oregon's hwy 101. A perfect sunrise met me in a Porsche 964 "turbo look". It was mid September, Windows were down, sunroof was open, Pink Floyd on the speakers and all was "comfortably numb" The kids back in school, the roads clear of SUV's and motorhomes..... An absolute epic drive and one that I would highly suggest be taken...a bucket lister if you will. I will never forget that drive..........