Classic Car Holdings, llc

6010 E Alki Ave Suite 4

Spokane valley, Wa 99212

509 703 4255

About us,

Classic Car Holdings, llc is a small licensed and bonded Boutique car dealership located in Spokane, Washington.. We are small which allows us to focus on what our clients want and need. We are so small that we have but one lot attendant, one buyer, one sales guy, one sales manager and the best detailer in town, ME ! I  wear all of those hats, it is the only way I can assure that everything is done to my high standards. I don't need to "go talk to the boss," I'm him. No 3 hour ordeal, No back and forth, no games... just good honest help. 

I started my automotive career at Chick Iverson Porsche - Audi in Newport Beach, Ca. in 1978 and I am still very much a Porsche guy. Eventually I would manage the new car department for the largest selling BMW center in the country. I moved back to Spokane in 2011, I guess there are only so many years of constant sunshine and gut wrenching traffic that one can take ! :) 

I am a retired race car driver, fortunate enough to have won an SCCA driving championship in 2003. In 2005,  I was one of two American drivers selected to compete in the first MINI Cooper World Championships at Circuit Misano, Italy where I was promptly handed my rear end :)  I hung up my helmet in 2010 though I still coach high performance driving. I am a past Concours  d"elegance judge..... I'm a car guy, through and through !

Our Services:

Sales of fine vintage and collectible automobiles

Consignment services; A good percentage of our business is consignments. Many of our clients would rather we market and sell their car(s) for them. It relieves them of having to wait for the buyer who never shows, endless phone calls and emails and perhaps even more importantly, keeps strangers away from their homes and families; like it or not, a genuine concern today.  We will do it all for you and at a fair rate. We do work a bit differently than others benefiting  our customers most ! Feel free calling us , we would be happy to help in any way that we can. 

Concierge Buying Service at its very best ! Let's face it, most would rather have a root canal done than go to a car dealership ! You know, walk onto the lot and have nine vultures running towards you as if you're the next meat du jour ........TRUST ME, I KNOW and, I really cannot blame you. I do things differently. I will sit down with you, over coffee if you'd like, help you to determine exactly what it is you want, assist you with what is comfortable, financially, help you make an intelligent buying decision based on REAL information and then help you acquire exactly what it is you want AND at a savings ! I know.... too easy ....

Being a dealer I have access to the same fantastic off lease cars that the "big boys" do, I however, do not have 100 employees to feed. Overhead is low, car prices can be too ! I will save you money and get you a GREAT car or truck, Something for you, your wife, your young driver, a truck for work...what - ever you might need, I can help you, gladly ! Some patience can be required, I am picky about what I buy, I'm buying for friends, not customers .....

Detailing. We offer some of the best detailing work in town. No swirl marks ever! I take the time to do it right and not over. We use only the best in detailing products including the great products from International Aero. By appointment only. 

Photography and Appraisals I've been fortunate enough to have some of my work published in magazines like Auto Week. it's a passion of mine, I'm a car guy :) I'll be happy to shoot your car for you. I've done coffee table books on special cars and now Steve Riffle is doing prints for me on Aluminum.....they look terrific, the colours, depth and brilliance, fantastic! I do full color appraisals as well for insurance values, lending values, etc. 

Welcome and I hope we can be of service to you......

Klaus- the car guy 

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Klaus Kindor Circuit Misano 2005